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Ozone cleaning and disinfection


Following the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we started to clean our clients' offices, receptions, households, toilets, warehouses, cars, buses, trucks, hotels, restaurants, sport facilities, medical facilities, training rooms...

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Clean and healthy family environment is the basis for a happy life. Ozone cleaning in homes destroys odors such as from a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, after cigarettes and even after our beloved pets. Fungi, various types of bacteria or viruses will simply not survive. Ozone also gets to places where normal disinfection can not help. After ozonization, it is enough to ventilate the space and enjoy a healthy home.

Offices and administrative buildings

Ozone cleaning and disinfection in offices will prevent the potential spread of diseases, ensure a healthy working environment to which employees will be happy to return, feel comfortable and will appreciate that we really care about their health and safety.


Cars, public transport, trains are a daily part of our hectic life and we spend a lot of time in them, either alone or with other passengers, so it is very important to keep them clean and odorless.
Bacteria and viruses that settle in air conditioning and on hard-to-reach surfaces will be reliably destroyed by ozone. Ozone also removes any odors without the use of chemicals.

Fitness centers

Who would want to exercise in a smelly environment? Odor bacteria settle in places that are difficult to access and clean, such as air conditioners, wardrobes, folds and machine covers. Ozone disinfection ensures the destruction of all undesirable odors and creates an ideal environment for training. Ozone also reliably disinfects exercise equipment, weights and dumbbells.

Wellness & Beauty salons

Nothing will relax you as much as a quality massage, spa or beauty treatments. One of the standards of these services is also strict hygiene measures and emphasis on a clean and healthy environment. Ozone is the simple solution to facilitate this demanding maintenance of relaxation areas.

Restaurants, food stands, gastronomy

Places where a large amount of food is cooked and consumed are ideal for spreading odors, bacteria and viruses. Ozone will eliminate all these problems without use of any chemicals. Strict hygienic standards for our catering facilities take care of the health of our guests. And ozone disinfection is a reliable helper and an effective means of ensuring a clean environment in which guests always eat heartily.

Deratization and disinsection

Do you have problems with infestination or small animal sabouteurs? Are you wondering from where different types of insects can appear in yours home or warehouse? Especially in such cases ozone appears to be one of the most effective and safe solutions. Ozone deratization and disinsection has a strong repellent effect on insects and animal pests.

BBars and discos

Can't get rid of cigarette or alcohol odors in your club? Leave it to us! After the first visit, we will use ozone to eliminate these problems for you and in the same time your facility will be disinfected too.

Kindergartens and school facilities

Entrusting our kids to someone else's hands carries a huge dose of trust. Responsibility for children is taken over not only by the teacher, but also by the cleaning or catering staff. They know how difficult it is to keep rooms, corridors, gyms, sanitary and kitchen facilities in perfect cleanliness. Here ozone is proving to be a clever helper that serves its purpose. Because it is a chemical-free cleaning and the rooms only need to be ventilated, we do not have to worry about the health of our children. Safety and cleanliness are a great benefit of professional ozonation.

Cellars and basements

Underground and basement masonry are permanently exposed to moisture, groundwater and surface water, especially if they are in contact with the dirt. It is not always possible to ventilate them through windows. Sediments in flooded basements become a deposit of bacteria accompanied by an unpleasant odor. The modern solution to these problems is ozone disinfection. We perform ozone disinfection in all places that are contaminated from odor or unpleasant waste after flooding.

Veterinary clinics and animal shelters

Ozone disinfection can be used not only in residential and office spaces or hospitals, but also in places where our friends from the animal kingdom are staying. As ozone effectively eliminates parasites and various odor traces, it is also a practical helper in veterinary clinics and animal shelters. Animals must be moved to alternative areas before ozonation. This is a chemical-free treatment that will not harm the animals after completion, as ozone decomposes to oxygen after 30 minutes. The rooms only need to be thoroughly ventilated.


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